ahhh! when I go lose myself
in the vacuous crevices between the night,
transform my corporeality to a gust of dust
whose origins delay the rhythmic possibilities
that I remember myself.

oh -when the organs which weigh in my structure
deny their own bulk
like heavenly bodies in miraculous buoyancy!

The logic of my movement
hides in the drenched aura of intoxication
surrounding my flinging physicality.

I push and pull without will,
traveling captive to the whims of the spirits
I have given myself up to.

And as they manage the impulse of my voice,
I recede into an animated sleep
and fade from repressed motivations,

relinquishing my host to indulgence.

Antics through the city streets,
boisterous chattering with friends and strangers,
scattered images of events only realized through memory.

I surface from slumber
to the semi-conscious reminiscence of a dream,
quite unsurprised at the

familiar milieu
of my bedroom.

And when this partial awakening
delivers me to the light of afternoon,
the sudden invasion of circumstance
shows me where I stand.


(written in the Spring of 2000)

~ by WhiskeyWonka on February 1, 2011.

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