My Value Scoring System

I choose to include a quantified rating in my whiskey reviews. The score I provide is stated in dollars, and represents the value I judge a given whiskey to have based on how it compares to price-point peers. Most of us will gladly fork over our hard-earned dough for that hard-worked juice, but it’s good to remember: the best whiskey always begins in the hands of the producer and ends in the eye of the beholder. Our tastes and budgets vary. I believe that a whiskey review lies in the description, not the grade, but there’s no avoiding price when considering the consumerism of a product.

Shelves may provide enough to drink well at all prices, nevertheless we over-pay for items we can’t live without. I constantly wrestle with whether my whiskey budget should allow for multiple bottles of well-priced, high-quality whiskey, or one unique bottle of expensive, sometimes over-priced whiskey.

Whiskey prices vary slightly from coast to coast, and my value score endeavors to compare whiskeys from all price-points.

~ by WhiskeyWonka on January 8, 2012.

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